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Who we are

The United Liberty Alliance (ULA) is a civil rights movement focussed on the self-determination of the oppressed minorities in Southern Africa. These minorities include the descendants of:

  • The Khoi and San, the aboriginal peoples of Southern Africa; and
  • People from Continental Europe, the British Isles and even North America who settled in Southern Africa from as early as 1652; and
  • Slaves and indentured individuals brought to Southern Africa before 1900, primarily from Malaysia, India and Indonesia.

The ULA is an umbrella body that unifies a multitude of minority-led organisations through the common goal of independence. The ULA itself does not have any members, instead relying on the membership of its affiliate organisations.


The ULA and its affiliate organisations envision a free and fair society where Southern Africa’s minorities can enjoy their basic human rights, without domination and oppression. The worsening situation in South Africa has shown, over more than two decades,that this vision is only obtainable through independence of those regions where these minorities are in fact the majority.


Region of Independence

The borders of the region(s) that will obtain independence will be determined by a democratic process, where a region will become independent if the majority of its residents has chosen independence. The various regions that have chosen independence will become states that form part of a new independent federation or confederation.


ULA Mission

The mission of the ULA is as follows:

  • Foster mutual respect and collaboration between the various minority groups in SA;
  • Unite the various minority organisations thereby obtaining the mandate to pursue independence;
  • Establish a Congress of Representatives who will be tasked with planning the legal, orderly and peaceful secession of the relevant regions;
  • Obtain international support in the form of monitoring and oversight, financial support, recognition as well as sanctions against the South African government;
  • Facilitate the democratic independence referendum by means of voting database, where persons can register their independence vote over an extended period of time (instead of on a single day as in a traditional referendum);
  • Ultimately execute the transition to independence under the leadership of the Congress of Representatives and in collaboration with the international community.

The Congress of Representatives will draft the constitution and key policies of the new independent state, and will form regional shadow governments in anticipation of independence.

Role of Affiliate Organisations

Since the ULA itself has no memberships or branch structures, all ground-level activities are executed by the affiliate organisations. These include:

  • Ensuring that as many persons as possible register their vote for independence on the ULA independence register;
  • Recruiting further members for their respective organisations, thereby strengthening their effectiveness as well as the mandate for independence;
  • Ensuring the safety, security and self-sufficiency of their communities, while acting within national and international law;
  • Providing evidence to the ULA of crimes against minorities and illegal land grabs, thereby strengthening the international case for independence and assistance;
  • Educating their members about the feasibility and benefits of independence and the process to be followed;
  • Appointing members to the Congress of Representatives;

All organisations are to collaborate to the maximum extent possible, to the benefit of all.